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About us – DLG BENELUX

DLG BENELUX is part of DLG International: The leading consulting company of the DLG group for Agribusiness and the Food Industry – national and international. It is organiser of numerous annual specialist exhibitions abroad. DLG International is part of DLG e.V. the German Agriculture Society.

About us – DLG e.V.
DLG is a not-for-profit organization based in Frankfurt, Germany. One of its key objectives is to promote international agricultural knowledge across nations, and the society organizes a range of agricultural exhibitions throughout the world including Agritechnica, the largest exhibition of agricultural machinery, and EuroTier, the largest exhibition in Europe for livestock technology. In 2015 the DLG organized 25 exhibitions in 15 countries. An overview of recent activities can be found on the following Website, DLG’s activities also include a world-renowned independent agricultural machinery test center, a DLG competence centre for agriculture and a 500-hectare international Crop Production centre as well as a Test Centre for Food.

Our focus
DLG International GmbH operates as a highly specialised consulting company with focus on services for organisations of agribusiness and food industry. It organizes international specialist exhibitions in the many fields of the agricultural sector, from agricultural machinery and equipment, crop growing and animal production to bioenergy. These shows present innovative products, processes and services along the entire value chain. It is focused on services covering all aspects of the exhibition including stand construction.

DLG International GmbH coordinates and steers the activities of its subsidiaries and projects from its Head Office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The subsidiaries are based in China, Germany, Italy, Russia, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Turkey. Further projects are implemented with partners in Africa, India and Iran.


DLG BENELUX supports the activities of the DLG Group and organizes its own activities in specific areas with specific partners. For 2017 DLG BENELUX organizes Seagriculture. The 6th Edition of this International Seaweed Conference will be held from 7-8 Novemeber in Den Haag, the Netherlands. In 2017 the International Algae Congress will be organized for the 11th time under the AlgaEurope umbrella. It is organized together with activities from the European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) and the Directorates General for Energy and Research & Innovation of the European Commission. The AlgaEurope conference will be held from 5-7 December 2017 in Berlin, Germany. In 2017 DLG BENELUX is organizer of PotatoEurope in Emmeloord, the Netherlands. PotatoEurope will be held on 13-14 September 2017.