Growth in Water – new topics, new markets!


Aquaculture is an international growth market!

For over 10 years aquaculture has been an integral part of the leading trade fair EuroTier in Hanover, with visitors interested in aquaculture exceeding 10,000 for the first time in 2014.

The showcase ‘Growth in Water’ exhibition generated a great deal of interest among exhibitors and visitors alike, prompting organizers to expand this area for 2016 by creating ‘AQUAculture @EuroTier’.


AQUAculture stands for

  • the controlled cultivations of fish, mussels, crustaceans, micro and macro algae, whose growth potential far exceeds that of land-based crops and livestock. Harvesting from the water instead of the field!
  • sustainable and efficient use of feed and nutrients for food production using aeration and filtration systems to keep the production medium – water – clean. Harnessing and protecting resources!
  • profitable symbioses of energy and nutrient cycles are combined with integrated, innovative farming
  • concepts to cultivate existing and new aquaculture species in freshwater and saltwater. Utilizing material cycles profitably!
  • innovative plant-based purification systems, communal water concepts and irrigation systems ensure that water is used efficiently and kept clean. Water is a precious resource!

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